Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!

As for all of the garbage that crosses the airwaves and newspapers, going back to November 2008 when President Barack Obama was elected for his first term in office.

My response to all of it is blah, blah, blah, blah. It is just more of the same vitriol and hatred. The narrative has not and will not change.

This coupled with the GOP running around here for two (2) years talking about “Taking our country back.”

The question is, take it back from whom and where did the country go?!

I wake up every morning at 3:30 a.m. and I begin watching news and information, beginning with Soledad O’Brien on Starting Point; a CNN program which airs at 4:00 a.m. (PST).

As an aside.

Soledad O’Brien is Cuban and Black and though she is doing CNN’s bidding, in her capacity as a journalist; and even with CNN, there is always a “slant” when it comes to any news programing.

I tolerate the information from Soledad O’Brien because she challenges contributors and idiots to stick to the facts to the extent that she reads transcripts and fact checks the conversation at hand. And I appreciate anyone who breaks up the narrative from those idiots who show up, look into the camera and say nothing that makes any sense at all.

Going further, at 6:00 a.m., I tune to Channel 2 for local news and weather.

Dave Clark, a Black journalist, reads the teleprompter without interjecting his personal opinion, because that is his job.

Let me qualify this by stating that Channel 2 is owned by Fox and it is the only Fox station that I watch, period.

From what I understand all of the other Fox news programs employ teleprompter readers who are “batshit” crazy to the extent that the anchors and their contributors, do not stick to the facts and are prone to say anything when they discuss politics as it relates to the President of the United States and his administration.

I for one, will not, under any circumstances, support that sort of garbage.

On another note.

The thing that is mind boggling for me is that some Black folks, first and foremost, have gotten a “wake up call” to the extent that we should have acted up and acted out when Bush stole the election in November 2000.

However, we did for not!

Black folks should have been coffee partying, occupying, burning shit down and tearing shit up, in order to send a message out loud and clear that that behavior was not acceptable and we were not going to tolerate it, PERIOD.

However, we are so passive-aggressive, we damn near laid down and sang “We shall overcome.” Yet again!

The eight (8) years that Curious George (the monkey) Bush ran ape shit over this country, set Black folks back forty (40) years. And we sat on our proverbial hands and let people, walk on us like we didn’t even exist.

And right now today we are singing “We shall overcome.” Yet again!

Curious George piled up enough crap that it will take another fifty (50) years to dig our way out.

Let me qualify this by stating that it is not Asians, Latinos, Indians, Afghanis, Jews or Vietnamese (just to name a few) of the many cultures tha populate these United States.

Just us, just Black folks!

Shifting gears.

Many of us are native Americans, we are now and have always been treated like something other than and less than, all of the people who come to this country from everywhere else in this world; tend to walk across the border and conduct themselves as if we are even beneath their feet.

Many of our ancestors are the original people of America, however, we are now so brainwashed that many of us have bought into the notion and believe that we are “all” Afrikan Americans – Afrikans who arrived to this country on slave ships.

I completely reject that notion.

My great grandmother was Native American-Indian, therefore, she and her ancestors were born and bred on American soil, and were here in America before the Europeans invaded this country and raped, robbed and pillaged their way through all of this land.

Additionally, my father’s mother was a blue-eyed Caucasian woman; someone likely conceived of a Black woman and a Caucasian man.

Unfortunately, the message that the few hate filled Caucasians in this country transmit to all other nationalities of people who come here is that Black folks are less than.

Additionally, the United States invites all to this country, pay for their education, pay all of their living expenses and provides stipends like you would not believe. And how do they show their appreciation; by flying planes into buildings in the heart of a major metropolitan city in this country and in the process, annihilating 3,000 innocent civilians.

And right now today, we still give visas to the same kinds of people and they stream into this country on a daily basis. And that doesn’t include the others who sneak in across the Mexican border.

Pardon me I digress!

Look, it was only by the grace of God that President Barack Obama stepped out of the shadows and we had the wherewithal to elect him to move this country forward. And it goes without saying that if anybody other than President Obama had been elected in 2008, particularly anyone from the GOP; we might be on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean right now! Haiti!

Need I say more?!

What boggles my mind is this.

Black folks are forwarding and sharing emails about all of the vitriol and hate speak as if they are surprised and amazed that racism is rampant in this country.

My response to that is; Negroes PLEASE!

Ultimately my advice is this.

By pushing all of that garbage forward, we are breathing life in to and giving credence to something that doesn’t do us any good.

Additionally, for all of those Black folks whom when they got a decent job or a raise, they decided that life was better in an all-white community and that they were required to place their children in segregated schools in those communities, because all white is somehow better.


Those folks established those all white communities for themselves and people who look like them. And for those among them who hated Black people enough to segregate themselves; they still hate Black people plus Black people’s children.

Therefore, for all of the freedoms we have gained, we haven’t really gained very much at all; certainly nothing in the way of making people love and like our Blackness.

Furthermore, Black folks do not invest in and build their own communities, we take what we have and build up the communities of others rather than banning together and making our communities better for ourselves and our children.

Therefore, everyone who lives in a segregated community had better watch their backs and protect their children from harm.

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) are not only members of congress and are holding down seats in the senate in Washington D.C., they are on every block in America. Additionally, according to published reports there is a great resurgence of the KKK to the extent that cross-burning is on the rise.

That said, for all of those folks who prefer to sit in what they consider the finest restaurants, surrounded by people who do not look like them and allow someone to ‘fix’ their food in the back room; for me personally, I would think twice about how I enjoy all of my freedoms; whether the freedom is real or perceived.

Ultimately, we need to shut down all of the hate speak and cease and desist with circulating garbage that does nothing to serve our best interests.

We need to write some content ourselves to let these hateful sons of guns know that if they even think about messing with us or our children that there will be hell to pay.

Furthermore, the Boehner’s and McConnell’s of this world are a dying breed and when they die, they are going straight to the hell that they have created for themselves.

Enough said!

Yes We Can And Indeed We Will!

I am thankful to all of the powers that be, who put President Elect Barack Hussein Obama in our midst.  A strong African-American Man, with a strong will and undaunted determination.  That he has so willingly stepped up to the plate and put everything on the line in order to respond to the world as it is today.  That he will take control and urge a positive change, to lessen the effect of all of the negative events that have transpired over of the last two hundred and twenty one (221) years, the last eight of which have brought this country to its proverbial knees. 

President Elect Barack Hussein Obama will make a positive impact on the lives of all Americans.